Thinking of franchising your business? Selling your franchise can be the most fruitful decision you make. But, there like any other business dealings, there are some things that need to be considered before you make the move. There are some common mistakes top franchise owners make while selling out their franchise. You can save yourself by being careful about these common mistakes and take necessary considerations before and during the entire stage of dealing.  

So, what are these considerations? We’re here to guide you about them. Following are some of the tips that many franchise owners wished they knew before they put up their franchise for sale deposit Sunshine Coast.

Visual Changes required 

Have you ever sold a car? If yes then you would know about the servicing and repairing it requires for a good price. No, you do not overhaul the entire engine. You make small changes to make your car appealing for sale and this results in a considerable increase in the price of the car. At least more than the amount you paid on improving its appearance for sale. Same is the case with your business. Before you put up your franchise for sale, it would be wise to take a round of your site. You might have gotten familiar with some damages, but you must not neglect them now. You should take note of these improvements required and fix these issues. You might have to spend a little, but this results in a considerable rise in the price you get for your franchise. It’s an investment you must make.  

Hire a Franchise Lawyer 

A transaction of franchise contains different legal elements that need to be well crafted to avoid any inconvenience. These elements include:  

  • Any restraints 
  • Conditions  
  • Lease agreements 
  • Permits 
  • Transfer of ownership etc. 

There are many other legal matters that need great attention and if you do not have a law background, you are bound to make some mistakes.  

To avoid such mistakes that can alter the fate of your franchise sale, you should consider hiring a lawyer that is well-experienced in drafting franchise dealings. A specialized lawyer of this nature will be able to guide you about important aspects, handle the legal documentation and also, make the entire process really quick and convenient for you. A lawyer will cost you some fee, but this fee saves you from making any expensive mistake.  

Think ahead of time 

You must not wait for some losses before you sell your franchise. Even if you have a track record of good profit from the franchise, record of losses is going to reduce the price you’ll get for your franchise. To avoid such a situation, you need to plan your exit long before you put your franchise up for sale.  

This means, before selling your franchise, maintain a positive growth of your income and obtain results of maximum profit. You can do this by cutting down utilities, bills and other expenses wisely. You need to display an impressive growth and potential of your business before you sale it.  

Get a Franchise deal broker 

The entire hustle of selling your franchise can be really exhausting and frustrating. Finding the right buyer and getting the right price for your business can be stressful. If this is your first time selling a franchise, it is highly recommended that you get a franchise deal broker.  

A professional franchise deal broker is aware of the entire process, the documentation required and other management tasks. The franchise broker ensures communication between all the parties. A professional franchise broker can also guide you about the potential price of your business, explain you the entire process of transaction and ensure that all rules and regulations are followed in the dealing. An experienced franchise broker also has the right methods to find the ideal buyer for your franchise. This helps you get a good price for your franchise. Lastly, an experienced franchise broker saves you from the common mistakes people make while buying or selling franchises.  


Selling a franchise is not something you do every day. The deal holds great significance for many reasons. It is therefore, very important that you take care of the points mentioned above and make sure you get the best buyer for your franchise.