The tailbone is located near the end of your spine between the hip bones and is a point of connection between different muscles, tendons and ligaments. It comprises of two or three small vertebral bones and pain in this section of the body is usually occurs when you sit or stand in one position for a long period of time. It is a very uncomfortable type of pain and can range from being a faint ache to severe throbbing that radiates up and down. `One of the main causes of tailbone pain is trauma which can be direct or repetitive in nature. A fall backwards can cause trauma to the coccyx which causes inflammation on the ligaments and can usually be rectified by applying heat and using a coccyx cushion. Activities like horse riding and cycling can also cause tailbone pain as they cause repetitive pressure on those areas. Vaginal childbirth is also a common cause especially if the birth has been difficult or if forceps are used. The baby’s head usually puts pressure on the tailbone resulting in strain on the muscles and in severe cases the bone can also fracture. Repetitive motions can also cause wear and tear on the bone resulting in degenerative joint disease known as osteoarthritis which also results in weakening of the tailbone. There is variability in the number of bones that a person has in their tailbone area and more bone results in more tissues which means the likelihood of an ache developing become higher. As this area is also connected to the pelvic floor muscles, any irritation in the pelvic area also results in a dull pain in the coccyx.  

In rare instances, this type of pain may also be associated with diseases such as cancer, especially if it is persistent in nature. If the pain starts to stop, you from performing your everyday activities then it is time to go see a doctor. Other signs also include a lump near the area and swelling or fever. Your doctor will first conduct a physical exam in order to determine how serious the problem is including checking for signs of an infection and pressing on your tailbone to see if there is any tenderness. If they are skeptical then further tests and x rays will also be carried out. If your tailbone is bruised, then it can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to heal and using a tailbone cushion is an ideal way to support that part of your body so that it does not feel any further stress. If the tailbone is fractured however, then it may take a month or more to heal. Most cases of this type of pain can be treated by self-care strategies such as avoiding sitting for long periods of time and including exercise in your daily life so that endorphins are released into the body. Some people also use a coccyx cushion that has a hole in the middle so that the tailbone is relieved of pressure while sitting. Ice can also be applied to the area for up to three days after an injury has occurred to help manage pain. Similarly heating pads can also be used and you have to decide which technique works better for you. You should avoid getting constipated by eating fiber rich foods, drinking a lot of water as strain on the bowel can also lead to aching in the tailbone. You can also take over the counter painkillers to help provide relief and relax while the medication does its job. 

The coccyx cushion, also known as the tailbone cushion comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of body types and is also portable in nature so that you can take it anywhere from trips to your office. Not only does it provide pain relief but also provides support to your spine and allows for a better posture which relieves pressure in other areas as well. It is slightly elevated in the pelvic area which helps in keeping the spine in an upright manner and prevents the development of a slouch. They also come with an option of a memory foam making it more unique to your body type as you use it. Even soft chairs can put pressure on the tailbone, and using a coccyx cushion adds another layer increasing the comfort level of the user.