A lot and then some more have been said about promoting and advertising your business online, irrespective of it being a large business or a small or medium scale enterprise. Online advertising has now far surpassed the popularity and reach of traditional print and media advertisements. Every business or product that you wish to market needs an online advertising campaign. 

While all this is absolutely true, many, who have local businesses, might wonder how they will benefit from reaching out to hundreds and millions of users who visit the online domain. Local businesses would rather want to tap into their regional audience and customer base. How can online advertising be a useful aid to local businesses, like a local restaurant or cafe or bakery? 

There is a misconception that having an online presence and advertising online, especially through Google, can only help those who wish to reach out to potential customers around the world or at least countrywide. But that need not be the case as online marketing techniques can be applied to local businesses as well and result in successful outcomes. Google, especially, has aids to help your business grow, whether local or multinational.

How can local businesses benefit from Google and its advertising tools? 

  • Google Adwords

This is an advertising service by Google which follows the ‘pay per click’ policy and based on the keywords that you have selected for your business. Whenever anyone does a similar keyword search your business website appears on top of the Google’s result page. If selecting appropriate keywords and managing the advertising campaign might seem too much to handle, you can employ the services of digital marketing companies that provide Google Adwords Management. Adwords has the advantage that it is flexible and can be customized according to the needs of your business. If as a local business you are interested in only a particular region, then you can enter your location and business type as specific keywords to narrow down to only those potential customers who are looking for a service like yours and in that particular area. For example, you can use keywords as ‘New South Wales pizza’ so that only those looking for pizza in NSW will see your Google advertisement.

Additionally, Adwords is a measurable platform, thus allowing you to see when your website received more visitors, time of day, location and other details. This information is useful, especially for a local business, and can be used to further improve the advertising campaign to target the exact potential customer group.

  • Google Local

This tool can be used to help create an online presence for your business thus ensuring that your service or product reaps in the advantages of search engine optimization (SEO). Also, a business profile page is created via Google Local which provides the appropriate leverage for your online presence and marketing. Additionally, Google Local offers various tips to help make a lasting impression on the social media and helps maximize the presence of your brand. This is vital since social media plays a key role in helping the business be seen and heard and thus grow successful.

Apart from these two essential marketing aids, local businesses can also benefit from Social Media Marketing and taste online success thanks to Google’s various features.