A bench top is not only a highly useful piece of furniture, but it also plays a role in affecting the overall attractiveness of the kitchen. A kitchen with a bench top – regardless of its design and cost – will definitely look better than a kitchen without one. Many people are including bench tops to their kitchen these days since it increases the value of their home as well as its appeal. If you are redesigning your kitchen, you might have a million questions about including the right type of bench top. For instance, you can be highly concerned about the material of the bench top. This is a good thing since the material can affect your cost and the appeal of the furniture to a great extent. Listed below are the most common materials that are used to manufacture bench tops.


These are great in terms of appearance. They reflect luxury and grandiosity and enhance the overall elegance of the kitchen. It is quite easy to find stone bench tops Perth. Most manufacturers either offer granite or marble or even both. Granite is durable and offers more resistance. Howevert, it is really heavy and thus would be unsuitable if you are planning to have cabinets underneath the bench top. If you are looking for a unique kitchen, try marble bench tops. Their design offers a high level of individuality. Both materials require a lot of maintenance such as sealing in order prevent moisture penetration. Fortunately, cleaning stone surfaces are very easy and can be done with natural products.


This type of bench top is manufactured through layers and layers of paper. The surface has a decorative overlay which enhances the durability of the surface and its external appeal. If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality bench top material, then you should pick textured laminate. Not only are they affordable, but they are also less susceptible to wear and tear. Also, they are available in a range of colours and designs which will enable you to make a good choice that will suit your personal preferences as well.

Solid surface

If you are an eco-friendly person, then this is your ideal option. Solid surface bench tops look very similar to stone bench tops. The difference is the fact that the former option does not have the seams. Since solid surfaces are acrylic, they offer high levels of visual satisfaction. Moreover, since it is non-porous, renewable and hygienic, it is known to be the most environmentally-friendly material. Another attractive element of this material is its easy installation. Unlike the alternatives, a solid surface requires very little time and money to install. As soon your kitchen is renovated – that is on the same day or the following day – you can install the bench top without having to wait for a period of time.


If you are opting for a traditional and homely kitchen, then a wooden bench top would be most appropriate. They look simple yet elegant and thus are ideal for those who prefer light designs. Wood is also available in a variety of patterns and designs. This gives you the opportunity to choose a style that would suit your house as well as your personal taste. Its ability to suit any man’s taste is one of the reasons why it is highly popular. Also, since the material is very light, it is suitable for any type of housing. The material is also uniquely warm. This would not only contribute towards keeping the food at the right temperature, but will also ensure that the bench top surface will not become very cold during winter, which is usually the case with marble and granite surfaces. Although these are prone to scratching, they can be repaired quite easily since sealing wood is a simple task that anyone can handle.

You must be very careful about having wooden furniture in the kitchen. Water draining can seep into the material and blacken the surface since it is more susceptible to be damaged by water.

When choosing a material amongst these, do not just give importance to your budget or your personal taste. It is important consider the preferences of your family members – unless you live alone – as well as other practical factors to ensure that you are indeed making the right decision.