Are you one of those people who proudly say that they have wanderlust in their veins? Great! If you are fuelled by adventure and your soul seeks roaming around the world, you are just at the right place. Even if you are not much of a traveller, there should be some countries and cities that must be on your bucket list. For most of the people, Australia definitely makes it to their bucket list and the list of places they want to visit at least once in their life. Let us tell you, it is always a good idea to tour Australia and there is never a bad time to visit this country. If you are an avid traveller then planning to visit the continent won’t be a problem for you. On the flip side, if you aren’t a frequent traveller and have budget constraints, a little planning will have your bases covered. So, make Australia your priority and plan to visit the country, because there is no time better than now to make your travelling dreams come true. Having said that, the country which is a continent in itself has a lot to offer. So, if you are confused in places that you must go to, what are we here for? Here are some of the top suggestions for the must-visit places and the best that this country has to offer.  

Starting off, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is definitely a wonder to visit. Alongside the hemline of the continent, have a complete 150-mile drive that will definitely drop your jaw with the mesmerizing beauty. The best thing about it will be the Twelve Apostles, a place where the Southern Ocean has chipped away the limestone cliffs. The gnawing has left tall pillars of rock that have been stranded out at sea. Next stop can be the spectacular Yellow Waters Lagoon, which in short is an open-air zoo. If you are an animal lover, this place is definitely for you. Sign up for Sydney sightseeing tours, and get to experience extremely close encounters with snakes, crocodiles, pelicans, sea eagles, white egrets, and a lot more. Yes, it definitely is, an animal lovers’ haven!  

Next up, experience the dizzying heights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A 360-degree panorama of undoubtedly the world’s greatest harbour will leave you awe-struck. You will have to take a BridgeClimb, by wearing a special Bridgesuit, communication gear and harness. With the help of it, you will ascend the bridge’s arch, about 440ft above sea level for getting Sydney’s view like no other. While you are at it, don’t forget to go to Hunter Valley Wine tours, after you are done from this expedition. Both of these coupled will definitely give you the best day of your life. If you are more of a person who prefers trips rather than sticking to one place, go to a 120-mile drive between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia. This soul-stirring journey has an expanse of vineyards, national parks and a coastline that encompasses the extraordinary beauty of the country in all its magnificence.  

Moving on, don’t forget to get the feel of the indigenous side of Australia as well. The Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk, which is run by the local Aboriginal community has rainforest with breathtakingly beautiful Mossman Gorge. The place will connect you to the rather local and interestingly more indigenous side of Australia that will leave you with a lot of human wisdom in the end. If you are all in for sunsets and natural beauty that has a romanticised feel, go to Flinders Ranges.  The sunsets here draws a multi-coloured curtain across a desert sky. The food here is primarily sourced from the sea, and fish grills are appetizing to the hilt.  

Done with the sight-seeing, let’s give a kick to your adventurous side now. Time for snorkelling! With the Great Barrier Reef being world-famous, we are sure you don’t need an introduction of what it is. The nature’s most dazzling creation, it is a labyrinth of lagoons, islands, caverns, coral rays and everything that encompasses wildlife. Just put on your mask, dive in the water, and we are sure you will forget to breathe. But, remember that, because even after going to all these recommended places, there is still a lot remaining to visit in Australia.