Whenever anything great happens in life, we want to celebrate it but often run out of ideas about what to do and how to do it? It could be about proposing someone, celebrating the birthday, having a family trip or spoiling your spouse on a wedding anniversary. We want to do something special which acknowledges our countless love for the counterpart to make them feel appreciated. But pulling this feat off is a tough task. 

However, many such events happen on daily basis at Hamilton Island in Australia which is also one of the most visited islands. It offers a range of diverse things-to-do that nobody gets bored of throughout the tenure of visitors stay.  

Considering this, below is given a list of things to do that one can opt out to spoil its friend, girlfriend, wife or closed one during the luxury stay in Hamilton Island. 

Helicopter Ride Over The Great Barrier Reef 

One of the great wonders of world heritage is the great barrier reef located right on the edge of the Hamilton Island. People often have it on their bucket list. You can book the helicopter ride with your loved one towards the reef while sightseeing the picturesque beauty of Whitehaven beaches, hill inlet, and the renowned heart reef. Once done you will then be transferred to the glass bottom boat where you can enjoy the snorkelling experience before heading back to the Hamilton Island. You will have to pre-book the ride and it might sound a bit costly to you as well. However, you can opt for booking luxury boats as well to celebrate with the colorful marine life of the island via exclusive services by Hamilton Island Holiday Apartments. 

Indulge Into Luxury Spa Treatments 

If you intend to get yourself relaxed at the island during your Hamilton Island luxury accommodation then indulging into native spa ritual is your thing to do. There are many hotels offering luxury spa by keeping in consideration bespoke collection of effective treatments, tranquil ambience and localised yet elegant ways of operations that this could be a sure way to win someone over.  

Correlate Occasion with Local Event 

You can also relate the event-to-be-celebrated with one of the local events of the Hamilton Island. For instance, there’s conducted a race week at the island every year in August which witnesses the regatta of world-class sailing, delectable food, an out pour of champagne and much more. You can associate your special event with this and make it memorable for the rest of your life and your loved one while staying in luxury at the Hamilton Island.  

Dinner at the Beach Club Resort 

Another intimate way to let someone feel appreciated and loved is by booking a dinner date at the famous beach club resort during your stay at the Hamilton Island. You can relish yourself into a six-course tasting menu while enjoying the beautiful coral view and an extraordinary service.  A sure way to spoil your loved one with a night to remember. 

Fly Over Whitehaven Beach 

Whitehaven beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia due to its 7km long whitest sand and the clearest blue water. You can take your loved one over here for a champagne picnic as this island too, is a part of the group of Whitsunday islands. The best way to explore the beauty of this island is to visit it via a helicopter ride to do complete justice to its pristine beauty.  

Whitsunday Sunsets 

To make any experience a memorable one does not necessarily require you to spend your fortune on it. Some experiences are mere moments with your loved ones in a perfect setting to be remembered for the rest of your life. One such event is enjoying the sunset at the Hamilton Island yacht club while looking at the sky, witnessing it turning from blue to the numerous shade of orange with a glass of champagne and a few nibbles by your side. It is a must-do-thing during your Hamilton Island luxury accommodation. 

Our closed ones deserve each and every bit of happiness from us and it is, hence, our responsibility to go to every mile to make that happen. Hamilton Island is a great escape and a romantic getaway to take a few moments off from the routine lifestyle and enjoy life with the most important people of our lives during the luxury stay at Hamilton Island.