What are Promotional Bags? 

Marketing is an essential tool in growing and expanding your business in the today’s competitive world. Top firms have their products advertised on possibly everything that you come across in your everyday life. From the TV commercials to bill boards, you see the same products being advertised at all the places. As effective as these techniques of advertisement are, they do cost a lot and not all businesses can afford such methods of spreading the word. This is where promotional bags come in. These bags are an excellent means of spreading the name of your company around without even costing much. You can get a logo on a bag that then travels with the person at different places where numerous people see your logo. These bags are an excellent means of marketing at a cheap rate. You can put your logo on cheap giveaway bags that then travels to different places where people see your logo.

Why they are important?  

Successful companies understand the significance of this technique of advertisement. This is illustrated from the amount of thought that is put into selecting the right promotional item. Different factors are analysed based on their effectiveness for the ultimate goal. One prime factor among these factors is the usage frequency of the promotional item. Considering this, promotional bags top almost all other items. These bags are used almost every day. Moreover, if used the right material, a bag can last up to years which means one time investment for a marketing period of years. This is fairly beneficial and a good businessperson understands this. Many companies put their logo on their takeaway bags in order to provide a service while subtly taking part in a marketing campaign. Due to the significant role these bags play in spreading the word, many researches have been performed to notice their effect and efficiency. Following are some of the key findings during years of research.

  1. More than 50% people have a promotional item in their everyday use.  
  2. Again, more than 50% people keep promotional products in use for up to 3 years. 
  3. More than 90% people showed a positive response on receiving free promotional goods. 

Other than these, there are many other reasons for which almost all the top companies stress upon this form of advertisement.     

5 reasons that make promotional bags a necessity 

While the marketing through promotional products may be believed to be an alternate method of marketing, it’s not just an option anymore. The competitive nature of the business world has made it absolutely necessary to introduce the promotional items in the marketing technique of the company. Among the promotional items, bags are the most common and effective means of advertisement so the following reasons illustrate why it’s more of a necessity now. 

Cost-effective technique 

Distributing promotional bags costs significantly lesser than renting bill boards or playing commercials. Also, the bags remain in usage for a longer time than other means of advertisement. This makes the bags a longer lasting means of advertisement at a relatively lower cost.


The calico bags Australia promotional bags play an important role in brand recognition. This means that the customers are more likely to remember the logo of your company than other companies that do not have promotional items. As mentioned before, the promotional items remain in usage for up to 2-3 years so this means, the logo of your company remains in the sight of the customer and the people they interact with, for a long period of time.  

Spreads the word further 

A bill board or a TV commercial has a limited audience. However, people carry the bags with your logo on it, to different towns and even countries. This makes these items more effective in spreading the name of your company further than any other marketing campaign possibly can.  

Introduces your logo 

Bags carrying your logo basically introduce your logo to new people. They will soon get familiar with the logo at a subconscious level which is ultimately the goal of marketing.  

A gift for your customers 

Everyone likes getting free stuff so even if it’s a bag, the chances of you building a relationship with your customers will significantly increase if you provide an extra bag or any other item.  

5 types of Promotional Bags 

There are 5 types of bags that usually show great results for the marketing.  

Custom Bags 

These bags remain in usage for a long time since the customer can carry a wide range of everyday items in these bags.  

Cooler Bags 

Cooler bags with your logo on it also work greatly in spreading the word. 

Wine bags 

They are also great for marketing as the customer that are fond of wine tasting will be taking your bags on wine tours.  

Drawstring bags 

This is a great option to put your logo on if you don’t want to burden yourself with the heavy shipment charges due to weight of the Promotional Bags wholesale. These are light weight bags that customers use for a long time.  

Messenger bags 

Messenger bags are also of great use to the customers who can use it for different items.