Limousines are simply exquisite vehicles. They are the symbolism of modern class and elegance as well as style and wealth. When thinking of limos the first thing that should come to mind will probably be Hollywood and all their extravagance. Rolling up to the red carpet in their stretched Fords. In everyday life, when seeing a limo, you probably think “ooh I wonder whose inside”. Trying to gauge which celebrity or political figure is in town at the time is another thought which comes to mind when you see the stretch drive by in front of you.

Amazing Limos is a service which gives you the chance to be one of those people on the inside. You can now be the head turner, the one who will leave people wondering who is inside.
Their service covers a range of things events from wine tours in the countryside of Yarra and the Mornington Peninsula, to formals. Along with these are wedding limousines to make your special day even more special and memorable for years to come. Here are some great talking points of the wedding limo services which Amazing Limos have to offer.   

First off, let’s just talk about how it would feel to pull up in a shiny, elegant stretch on your wedding day. The windows tinted, the seats as comfortable as you can ask for and the general vibe of the limo completely tying everything together. You step out and are greeted by your friends and family and then walk down the aisle, finish up and then get back in the limo. What a perfect mode of transportation for your special day. The biggest day of your life is now made just a little bit better by the glamour and elegance of the  . 

The cars themselves are kept in the best condition possible. if you’re paying for a limo service, obviously no one wants to get a dirty limo with dents and scratches all over it. Therefore, the limousines are kept in the best condition, as they want the clients to have the best facilities.

Moving on to the cars, they are either Ford LTD’s or Chrysler 300c’s whichever one you choose to book for your day. Traditionally, Chryslers have been synonymous with luxury and style, along with Cadillac’s, they are probably the most luxurious cars American General Motor has to offer.

They also offer the best drivers for the limos, they are strict professionals who adhere to all traffic and driving rules when you are with them. 

Amazing limos is a purely Australian company which looks to serve their customers in the best way possible. Maintaining levels of professionalism in their business dealings and the best customer service one could ask for. They ensure punctuality as it is understandable that you need to be on time for your own wedding!

They also offer other services for their limousines. One of their most commons bookings other than wedding car hire Melbourne is the wine tours which they offer. Which involves the driver acting as a guide for the best wine tasting you can experience in the Australian countryside.

Another common booking is for buck and hen parties, for you to have a good time with your friends one last time before you tie the knot in marriage. Perhaps you could book them for both your Buck/ Hen parties as well as your wedding. 

Consider hitting their website to see all the services they offer. View the gallery tab on their page to see some of the past customers and how their days were made by the limo service.

You can also visit the testimonials to get a clear understanding of how other customers felt about Amazing Limousines Melbourne, and gauge their honest and unbiased views on the limo company. You will need to visit their website anyway to gather the contact information in terms of email and phone numbers to call in order to book their services.