What is a Builder’s License?  

If you have a background in construction of buildings and houses, you must be familiar with this license in Victoria. However, if you’re someone who is planning to start a career in this direction or you wish to turn from a local builder to a professional builder, then you need to register as a builder and fulfil the requirements for Builder’s license. This license entitles you to great benefits as a builder and it is something that is going to benefit your career as a professional builder. 

Why a Builder’s License 

We’re living in an advanced stage and certifications are not restricted to just engineers and doctors. Whether it’s building an airplane or a home, one needs to be academically qualified for this and this qualification is proven through certifications. While you may be confident about building your own house, the rules and regulations implied by the government won’t allow you that and therefore, a builder’s license is important for it.  

Many people skip getting builder’s license in Victoria and instead, enter the field without any license. This really takes away all the benefits of being a registered builder. For instance, unregistered builders can only work on projects that cost under $5000. This budget restriction includes the expense of labor and materials for building. This restriction certainly limits your choices and ultimately, building your home. On the other hand, if you fail to meet this condition and your building expense goes higher than $5000, it is highly likely that you end up in a Magistrate court for persecution. If you lose this case, this could put your entire building career into jeopardy and you might be forced to change your field. On the contrary, if you register yourself and get the builders license vic, you will be allowed to work on a wide range of building projects, that adds terrifically to your experience. You are also allowed to adjust the  budget as per your requirement and you can eventually start your own building company, having the license as well as required experience.  

What does a Licensed Builder do? 

There’s a general misconception that the builder’s license is only for building stuff. That is true, but not the complete truth because building license does allow building stuff, but not just that. It allows endless opportunities for you that can really help your career in building. Following are some of the duties of a professional licensed builder. 

  • Study architectural drawings 
  • Arrange and manage the delivery of various materials such as labor resources, equipment and the delivery of materials.  
  • Manage the tentative deadline of the project 
  • Design programs to meet the expected deadline 
  • Ensure the implementation of rules and regulations implied by the government 
  • Outsources and manages certain tasks 
  • Supervise all the activities and make sure the quality standards are met. 

Requirements of a Licensed Builder 

As mentioned before, builders are no longer just experienced individuals who happen to have these skills and do this job. Instead, to obtain a builder’s license, one needs to fulfil a set of requirements. These requirements qualify the individual for a builder’s license that then allows the person to explore the benefits of registered builder.  

The requirements for obtaining a builder’s licence vic, can be divided between 2 categories. The first category mentions the compulsory requirements that are must to obtain this license. Failing to meet any one of these requirements will be a problem in obtaining this license.  

As per the first category, a professional builder needs to 

Have a diploma of building and construction. (VCE) or equivalent. 

Develop strong understanding of mathematics and English.  

Register with the Master Builders Association 

Future Prospects 

Getting a builder’s license is a promising line of career. This can help you make a career in construction as a licensed builder. Getting into this line can help you earn a good income for yourself and moreover, start your own business one day. Being registered builder will allow you to run a construction company without restrictions to the type of tasks. If, on the other hand, you choose to remain unregistered, you stand at the risk of getting fixated on only one type of job and this will sabotage your construction business. Therefore, whether you wish to make good income or you wish to start your own business, obtaining a builder’s license is very important.