A modern day kitchen is no longer just a place where you prepare meals for the family. It is a place for family gatherings, casual lunches and dinners with friends, a quick breakfast stop for kids rushing to school or a place for a romantic cooking expedition over a glass of wine with your other half.  Therefore it is imperative to create the right ambience by choosing the right design, colour schemes, appliances and furniture for your kitchen.

If you have recently undertaken to renovate or remodel your kitchen or even built a new home, it would be no surprise to you that there are myriad of options to choose from when it comes to every aspect of your kitchen design. Here are some valuable tips to not only ensure you end up with a stylish and practical kitchen but you do so without blowing your budget.

  1. Layout of the kitchen

When it comes to deciding the layout, functionality and practicality should always supersede over style or any other factor. For example, when placing the ‘kitchen benchtops Melbourne’, accessibility to ample bench space during food preparation is key to ensure a pleasant experience for the cook and the working space not being too close to burners or any other bulky electric appliances will ensure maximum safety. While the overall layout of the kitchen often depend on the space available and where the kitchen is located within the house, there are many layout options to choose from such as L shaped, U shaped, galley kitchens etc. It is vital to choose a layout that ultimately fit your lifestyle and habits.

  1. Choose the right appliances

With many brands to choose from at varying prices, it always is a good idea to first determine your budget when it comes to purchasing appliances. There are certain kitchen appliances that likely would not be replaced for several years once installed, such as cook tops, ovens and refrigerators. It is best to invest a bit more on those and not splurge on appliances that are likely to be outdated within a short time frame.

  1. Storage options

Many enthusiastic cooks in the present day & age are aware of the variety of tools, gadgets and appliances that are available in the market. Irrespective of the complexities of the task at hand these items always appeal to majority of us leading extremely busy lives as they are marketed as great savers of time &energy with efficient results. However, as many would testify, they often lead to storage issues in a kitchen. These issues are addressed through may storage solutions that are available out there. Some of which include shelving, cupboards and drawers of various sizes & shapes, hooks, holders, magnates, & closets.

  1. Colour Schemes

There are several decisions involved in making a complete colour selection for a kitchen. These include choosing the right colours for the cabinets, kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, and appliances as well as for the kitchen floors. While most of us would be tempted with the trendy and contemporary colour schemes available, it is wise to keep in mind in case you decide to sell your property, a more neutral colour scheme is likely to attract potential buyers.

  1. Ease of maintenance, cleanliness and hygiene

If not properly designed and built, the kitchen is a place where many bacteria, germs and fungi could develop. Therefore it is important to be aware that there are less nooks crevices cracks and rough surfaces where food particles and juices could escape in and create an unclean environment. Sometimes in the excitement of designing the kitchen people forget to think about functionality for example where soap and detergent dispenser should be located, garbage disposal location and bin size could also be overlooked as well. It is also important that when drying utensils and appliances there is enough light and proper draining methods available or it could lead to dampness and mould build up. Cleaning cloths, paper towels, sponges & detergents and other cleaning tools should be located in a central spot where it could be accessed easily by the cook or the diner. Storage spaces and kitchen design needs to be done in a way that helps the cook and diner to move with ease as poorly designed spaces could lead to unnecessary clutter thus encouraging cleanliness and hygiene issues.