Over the course of our lives it is inevitable that we will come across individuals – be they children or adults – who are simply much more different than the majority of us. At first glance, these individuals can seem to us more than a little strange, and we may be actually tempted to keep our distance. This first reaction is very unfortunate yet normal when there isn’t a widespread understanding and acknowledgment of challenging behaviours in our society. As teachers or as peers we can come across that one child, who can seem to have a problem that no one can figure out. Without understanding, we can end up isolating such a child or an individual, and we can end up making their problems even worse rather than helping them out. There are countless people who suffer from mental illnesses all around us, but cannot come out and seek help because they are either misunderstood or there is simply no awareness regarding their condition. People exhibiting challenging behaviours can face hurdles at every aspect of their lives, and can face problems making relationships with even their families. Awareness of not just how to handle these behaviours, but also how to detect them is key to making sure that these people can live full lives, without nay impairment.

Challenging behaviour can be a huge hassle for peers, parents and teachers alike. It can cause great difficulties in the way of communicating, of forming relationships, and can also mean that the person cannot function as well as the rest of us can. It can be painful to watch our loved ones act this way, and it can be even more painful for the one who is suffering, so it is absolutely essential to get to the root of the problem, and make sure that the issues are fixed. People suffering from challenging behaviours can have reactions that seem way too intense for the actual event that has occurred, and these behaviours can impede learning for not just the sufferers, but for those around them as well. For kids, the longer these behaviours go on unchecked, it can mean that the child grows more and more withdrawn, and has fewer learning achievements, and fails to connect with friends and family. For adults, challenging behaviours can mean social exclusion, criminal activity, and even higher mortality rates.

The reason that so many of these people have to suffer in silence always is the fact that with so many facets of challenging behaviour, it can be hard for the average man to identify the problem. Once we have identified why an individual is acting in a certain way, and what exactly is the condition that afflicts them, can we begin to work towards reversing the damage done. Challenging behaviour courses can tackle five broad spectrums, such as anxiety disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, conduct disorders, and oppositional defiant disorders. Many of these behaviours are characterised by aggression, lack of communication, and anxious behaviours.

Only when we have identified the relevant disorder can we begin the path to healing. Challenging behaviour courses can teach us how to deal with the behaviours that we want to get rid of, so that they let the individual live a much healthier, fuller life. With these sorts of disorders, it is absolutely essential that the problem be nipped in the bud – in childhood – so that as the person heads to adulthood, they can lead a life just like every single of us, without having to suffer from social exclusion, slower intellectual progress and so much more.

Challenging behaviour workshops can mean that we can train the individuals suffering t combat their behaviours, and to deal with them in a proactive way. Even if you aren’t currently around someone who suffers from challenging behaviours, attending a Behaviour Zen workshop is always helpful as it teaches us a skill that allows us to better the life of others around us, and to spread awareness. With these in dept courses, we can learn how to deal with challenging behaviours as peers, teachers and as family, so that we can help those who are suffering live their life to the fullest.