Wool is a great and resilient material to have as bedding or quilt as it provides warmth and cozy, making it easier for the user to fall asleep. There is a very small fragment of people who are well aware of the benefits of woollen blankets and bed sheets, however, others keep on using due to the easy-sleep benefits it brings on the table. When a person has enjoyed the comfort of wool during the winters and then the summers come, it has to roll it back up in the safe place for next season but before doing so, it is required to be washed and cleaned which is not an easy task. In fact, this is not something that a layman must do because wool requires careful handling else it reacts. There are proper wool washing units across Australia from where you can get the aid but still, what’s the point of all this if there’s no comfort at the handling end of it. Considering this drawback, now there are available many types of machine washable wool quilts in Australia that allow you to enjoy the major perks of it without having to hassle about the urge to wash it or clean it with the inconvenience. You can find all the best quality wool quilts at Luxor Linen as they have mastered the art of providing premium quality bed sheets, toppers and quilts to its clients for years. You can find machine washable quilts here as well as the regular ones but with proper guidance and instruction about how to wash them.  

Considering the need at hand, below are given a few tips to help you during the washing process of wool quilts, such as: 

Shake & Ventilate 

The very basic way to clean the wool quilt is by shaking it with a force so dirt could blow out of it. It would feel good and you would realise how dirt is simmered into it. Besides, you can hang it at an airy spot as well from where air could trespass the fibre while hitting the microscopic dirt particles and sweeping them away from these. The easiest way out for those who cannot afford to do both is to buy a machine washable wool quilt instead.

Spray The Spots 

You can treat the wool quilt Australia by freshening it up as well. This will require you to apply spray on the stains or spotted areas of the quilt only. Wool happens to be a hydrophobic fibre, water would make the fibre expand while drying it with dryer would make them shrink therefore it is important that you do not do both rather use spray with a mixture of vinegar and water to serve the purpose at hand. Then let it dry itself by hanging it somewhere in the house. It would be better if you do the spot testing for the colourfastness of the dye on the quilt to see if it would react to the mixture spray or not. 

Bathe It With A Pinch of Soap 

You can also clean your wool quilts Australia by using a milder soap which is also PH neutral. In such cases, always use a hint of soap of what you think you would actually be needing. Because you do not need to soak it in the first place, rub it lightly and not with agitation. If you feel that the wool has turned sudsy then that means you have to soak it more than what was required. Rule of thumb is to use a fraction of what is needed on the quilt then let it rest without going all gaga over rubbing it. Soap will do its work with the help of water itself without requiring any kind of help from your end. 

Roll After Rising 

Once you have clean the machine washable wool quilt, you need not wring it as wool could hold up to 1/3rd of the water in accord to its weight. It is therefore important that you do not wring it else it would lose its shape and fibre would react also. Always roll the quilts after rinsing in towels so it could absorb the moisture in it. This process might require you to use several towels to serve the purpose at hand but do so to maintain the integrity of your quilt covers.

Air Dry 

You can also hang the blotted blanket in an open space to dry, though you should not expose it directly to the sun; but at times, you can break the rule for a few minutes to let the UV rays kill the mustiness of the piece. You can use material as an indirect intrusion in between though. 

Drying up the quilt might take a bit of time but cleaning it is not an issue anymore if you have a washable quilt at hand.